How to Create Income With Your Web Site

make money from your website

If you have a website or weblog with quality content, you may be able to make money from it. It takes time and dedication, but the extra cash flow could make it all worthwhile.


  • Sell advertising space on your web site. You could sell banner ads, classified ads or sponsor ads.
    • If you have enough web space, you could rent out subdomains and host other people's domains. Give hosting away for free (or sell it for cheap) and make money by including your banner ad on the web pages.
  • Generate "Quality Content". By quality content, I mean find an area that you are an expert in (or you feel passionate about). Then start writing about it and generate content. Believe me, when you find such a niche, your content will be unique. People will get attracted to your website and crawlers will like it.
    • If your content (e.g., e-books, software, reports) is really worth it, you could also start charging people to access a certain part of your website. Consider the pros/cons among one-time fees, monthly/weekly plans, and pay-per-use options.
  • Sell your own products or services to your target audience. E-books are one of the many ways to create your own product.
  • Sell other people's products and services through affiliate programs. They'll give you a link to track all your sales. You could be paid per sale, click or sign-up.
  • Publish an e-zine from your web site. Have them subscribe to the e-zine right from your web site. There are quite a few free e-zine article directories that allow you to post for free.
  • Start advertising and promote your website. There are many tools that help you with that. Facebook can be a great way to generate traffic for your website. Create a business page and review some of the advertising options you might be interested in. Also, Google is by far one of the most popular search engines, so do everything you can to be one of the top links, when users search for your niche or web address.
  • Sign up with affiliate programs. Once you have built a website with high-quality content, advertises will compete for your business.


  • Start Commenting on Other's websites. This way you will get noticed, they may link to your articles and you will get traffic.
  • Start answering questions in forums and if possible, use a related link to your website for more information. Please note that if your website is not well-known or your article is not well-developed, your links may be considered as spam and deleted.
  • Google Adsense is by far the most popular affiliate program, but it is not the only one. See the external links for other options.

Monetization of a Website

  • Google AdSense - It displays context related targeted advertisements on your behalf, and you'll get paid for each click your site generates. More information could be found here.
  • Put on some affiliate links. This means you are linking to related products in your site and getting paid when someone buys it.

How to Make Money from a Funny Video Website

You can easily make funny video websites, and then profit from them nicely. Many people have done it and are actually making their living off it. Here's how to make funny video websites and make money at it:


  • Choose a good name for your site. Have some fun trying to think up catchy names for your website. A catchy, unique and memorable name is key to not only getting traffic but maintaining traffic.
  • Obtain the videos you will show on your site. There are sites that allow you access to many of the popular funny videos which you can use. Many sites share videos as well. You can make your own, either by watching for a potentially funny situation, or by making them with friends or family. So getting the videos to supply for your funny video website is relative easy.
  • Decide how you will make your money.This can consist of of different forms income streams. From click on ad's, banner advertising, and actual products which you can sell on your site and receive commissions.
  • Start up accounts at participating sites for click on ad's, and find internet products which will coincide with the type of videos you'll be showing. Many internet products will have programs for webmasters which you can sign up for and immediately start promoting products on your site.
  • Once your site develops traffic, you can start to approach larger business's for banner ad's which can pay very well. The combination of different income streams will bring in a steady income flow as long as your traffic high enough.
  • Find programs you can get for building sites. They will take the headache of "coding" away, and have you setting up your site quickly and fairly easily. A good "make video website" book or manual will show you exactly what needs to be done and provide inside access to sources which can make things thousands of times easier.


  • Do your research
  • You can embed videos from other sites
  • Have fun


  • Do not steal copyrighted material, always check with the holder for permission before using such materials.

How to Learn the Skill of Working from Home

work from home

Learn some fantastic tips and gain insightful knowledge of not just how to work from home and run a business, but understand that it is a skill, and must be taken seriously like any other job in order for you to be successful.


  • Realize that other opportunities do exist in the world, and millions of people are already pursuing them.

  • Begin searching around on the internet and see just how much really is out there. At this point the only thing you should be investing is time. This can be quite an eye opening experience.

  • Decide just what niche of the internet that you think you might be interested in, and research! You can never research enough, this point do not spend any money!

  • You may come to a point in your studies and realize that some insider information from a mentor of teacher could and will pay off and could shorten your learning curve, but be careful! The internet can be a lot like the wild wild west, and yes, some people are just trying to take your hard earned money, but good people do exist out there, the trick is weeding the bad apples out from the good ones.


  • Never give up
  • read and try to understand everything you can
  • Learn that Google is your friend, learn it, live it, love it.
  • Learn about keywords, they are what your websites, articles, and blogs should be composed of, and they are key to internet traffic!
  • Help people..even after you have become successful, help other people and share what you know with your friends, family and others. after all...somebody had to help you...right?


  • Avoid scams by watching out for catchy ads or things that seem to good to be true. if your not willing to put the work into this and treat it as a job, chances are you wont get very far.

Things You'll Need

  • Motivation...and a lot of it.
  • A decent computer with a good internet connection is best

How to Build an Online Busines

build online business

A short guide on starting from scratch. We'll look very briefly at your business product/service, your website, your market and how to make sales.


  • Choose what you want to do. Stick with a hobby or interest. This means you'll already have good product knowledge and, more importantly, be passionate about what you are doing.

  • Assess the competition. See what they do good and look even more closely at what they do bad. Work out your unique selling point (USP) or competitive edge. This can be something obvious like cheaper prices, better customer service, newer products, and so on.

  • Brand yourself. Your company brand is extremely important and the first part of marketing. Do you need a sharp executive logo or a family friendly feel to sell your product? Get an appropriate name and get a rough idea of who you are appealing to.

  • Build a website. The website should be themed around your brand image. For the layout itself, you might copy a successful competitor. If you need a web designer, then find someone local. You'll need to meet them face-to-face and make sure that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

  • Market shamelessly. Tell everyone you know about your site. Add it to every directory and search engine that you can find. There are plenty of good free ones. Get onto related forums and chat rooms. Word of mouth is a very effective marketing tool; however, be sure to abide by forum rules.

  • Utilize PR marketing. You can submit an article about your new business to newspapers. If you are savvy enough to be able to get a story printed. then you'll have thousands of resultant visitors.

  • Close your sales. Now you need all these people to buy from your site. Don't be arrogant, but tell people about how great your product is. Use testimonials. Create a "need" for your customer to purchase your products, as opposed to a "want". Having sales and limited editions creates a sense of urgency; people don't like to miss out!

  • Distribute newsletter sales. Offer a free email newsletter on your site, where people can enter their email and receive great hints and tips on your area of expertise. Within these e-mails, you can suggest some new products and offers, as well. Don't be aggressive in your technique though, as it will scare off potential and repeat customers.

  • Work hard, and commit to it. Remember that success comes to those who work for it, which generally most people don't like to do. That means there's less competition.

How to Know the Secret to Success Running an Online Business

secret online business

Are you curious as to the secret of success of doing business via the internet? Here are some ideas to help satisfy your curiosity!


  • Be aware that even starting is a place to start. Many people fail to even get started because they think it can't happen. Big mistake. Jump that hurdle.

  • Have your own website. Do this rather than using someone else's website or part of a website.
    • This gives you complete control
    • You own and build the brand
    • You are an important part of your website's brand.

  • Include videos as well as images and text. People love connecting with the real, live person in a video. Promote your product and yourself using this medium.
    • Provide content of value and interest to your readers and clients. Readers will turn into clients if your content is good and convincing.

  • Drive traffic to your website. This is known as "CTR", or "click-through rates". Find out ways of doing this, and you're set!

  • For example, do lots of guest posts, forum posts, and article additions across the internet, with a link back to your site.
    • Build a list: Join a good auto-responder service, add code to your website with a form, offer a free e-book related to the topic of your site in exchange for user email id (after user submits email id he receives a free download link to your free ebook. You can add several offers to your growing email list which you can use to email your marketing offers. Remember : The money is in the list.
    • Don't bother people by breaking their rules though! Always play fair and read the terms and conditions. Don't spam!
    • 5Apply these steps regularly and with care. This will ensure that you can build a successful business online.

Starting Your Own Online Business? Don't Make This Mistake

online business mistake

When starting your own online business many people might think that it takes hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a website up and running. While you could actually pretty easily put that much into it, don't! Unless you got the kinda of money that you can throw away and not have to worry about but I don't and I certainly do not know anyone who can, especially these days!

There are also people who will jump at the first business opportunity they come across  that claims they will be making money overnight or cashing big affiliate checks the next day. Or they move from one opportunity to the next and before they know it they have spent an enormous amount of money and not one thing or sale to show for it.  Don't make this mistake that so many do. I myself spent a lot of money and countless hours when I first started out thinking this was my get rich fast opportunity. The truth is that you really only need a few things to start your own online business and it can be done with a very tiny budget.

The only three things that you really need to spend any money on when first starting out is a domain name, web hosting and a good autoresponder. Yes believe it or not that's really it.  You can have all three of those too for as little as 90 cents a day. Think you can find 90 cents a day?  That's less than a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop!  

So you see starting your own online business can be affordable and you don't have to spend big money or money you don't have to get it done. And the big business opportunity deals, forget about them. Just remember the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true" well you know the rest of that line right? To start and grow your own online business doesn't have to be expensive or drain your savings but it is going to take some time and effort and good old fashion work!

For your website there are a couple options but the easiest method today to get started (in my opinion) is WordPress. It is an easy to set up blog site that you can get going in no time at all and it's really the most common these days. I'm sure everyone by now has either posted to a blog site or commented on one and of course if you are reading this there is a good chance that it is one of my blog sites created with WordPress. The best part is WordPress is completely free. If you want to have a standard website there are free tools and templates that you can get for that type of website as well.

Depending on what you want to do with your new online business you can find of sorts of free resources to help you build or grow your online presence. If you need to accept credit card orders you can use ClickBank or many people use PayPal, since PayPal only charges when you make a sale its the perfect setup for some people and its widely accepted.

So once again don't fall into that trap of spending hundreds of dollars on your website when staring your own online business. Whether it's to set it up or buying into these "business opportunities". Save your money and once you start making money online then you can invest in it a little for advertising or what ever you might think you need to grow your online business. After all it's going to take some time to get things set up, earn some credibility and getting visitors to your website. So be patient, keep your money in your wallet and don't bury yourself before you even get started.

To Your Success!
Joseph P Helberg
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How Do I Start an Online Business

online business

G'day everyone

So you're thinking of starting your own online business eh, well good for you!An online business can give a person so much, but that's only if it's a successful online business; and as the stats will show, most of them aren't.So how does one go about starting an online business?

In today's world, there is really only 1 way - Find a person who is already an online marketer, hang on... that should be, Find a person who is already a successful online marketer, and get them to teach you.Sincerely and all joking aside, that really is the best way to start your own online business, in today's environment.

Not too long ago it would have been necessary for a person to know a whole stack of technical stuff before they could even think about putting a web site online, let alone start their own business, however;  Nowadays, that is really not necessary, More on that below.

Another reason why I recommend a person who is starting their own online business find a person who is already an online marketer and get them to teach them is simply because of the pace of change in the industry.

Things have changed so much, particularly on the advertising side of building an online business.  That's why they call it online marketing or Internet marketing.  It really is the marketing that makes all the difference.

When you think about it building your own online business isn't really that hard.  You find a product; you put up a website telling everybody all about that product, and then you market the be-Jesus is out of it.

However, even though this process sounds simple, the marketing side of things can be extremely difficult.In fact, it shouldn't be called build your own online business.  It should be titled, learning how to market like a mother, because that is where the real secret to making money in any kind of business, online lies.

You can have the greatest site on the planet, the best site on the Internet, but if nobody sees it.  You will make absolutely zero and marketing is how you get people to see your site.Why am I harping on so heavily about the marketing side of things when it comes to building your own business online, that's because the technical aspects have really all been mastered?

If you want to learn how to do something, let's say you want to learn how to use and auto responder; All you need to do nowadays is go to Google type in the words "how to use an auto responder" and you will find a hundred or more videos that will show you exactly how to do that.

There are even businesses on the Internet that you can join today, and I mean legitimate businesses, that will provide you with your very own web site.  So this has taken a huge part of the technical aspects of building an online business, and really beaten it into submission, that is why you need to focus on the marketing of your business to be successful.

Well I hope that cleared the water for you when it comes to knowing How Do I start an online business If You Have Never Done It Before

You can find out a lot more about starting an online business, and what you need to do By grabbing a copy of My Free E-book at my blog

I sincerely wish you all the success in the world, no matter what decision you make!
Till next time, Take Care... CJ